Welcome to the new NNECERAPPA News our Chapter’s, now electronic, newsletter.  With this revitalized service you, as a NNECERAPPA member, can look forward to:

  • Chapter updates-stay current with your chapter and see what we are up to;
  • Information on best practices, leadership and other topics of interest;
  • Articles on APPA/ERAPPA/NNECERAPPA resources that are available to you;
  • Updates on the NNECERAPPA Meetings and other Chapter programs.

The goal is to share timely information and harness the energy that continues to make this organization stronger and more valuable to each of us.  

When a newsletter is posted you will receive an email similar to this with links for easy access to the stories. As with the former paper newsletter, we are working with a bi-annual publication schedule to provides timely information prior to the next Chapter meeting.  

The newsletter is put together by the NNECERAPPA Board and Committee Chairs.  We hope you enjoy reading the NNECERAPPA News.