VT/NH/ME NNECERAPPA Emeritus Members and Retirees  

Anita Bailey, Chapter Emeritus Chair  

Email: acbailey35@comcast.net 

Retired: Phillips Exeter Academy 



Dave Barbour 

Email: dbbarbour1@myfairpoint.net 

Retired: USM, Bowdoin 

Chapter Founding Member 



Judy Beliveau   

Email: jhbeliveau@comcast.net 

Retired: University of NH 


Bob Bertram   

Email: robertbertram2003@yahoo.com 

Retired: USM, Castleton State 

Tom Binette- “Tomcat” 

Email: t.binette@roadrunner.com 

Retired: Hillyard 


Don Briselden 

Email: briseldens@live.com 

Retired: Phillips Exeter Academy 



Dave Cutler   

Email: dcutler@law.stetson.edu 

Retired: St. Michael’s College 


Leo Deon 

Email: COASTIE606@gmail.com 

Formerly at UME-Farmington 


Hank Dozier 

Email: dozierhank@gmail.com 

Retired: UNH, UNE 

Chapter Founding Member & 1st chapter VP 


Guy Eaton 

Email: guy1954@comcast.net 

Retired: UNH 


Bill Gardiner- Unable to verify status 

Email: woodhull@comcast.net 

Retired: Bowdoin 


John Gratiot 

Email: johngratiot@gmail.com 

Retired: Dartmouth College 


Anita Higgins   

Email: Ahiggins1@roadrunner.com 

Retired: USM 


William Johnson 

Email: wcjohnson155@gmail.com 

Retired Business Partner 



Bob  Lawrence   

Email: Lawrence@main.edu 

Retired: UME-Farmington 


Allen Lewis 

Email: N/A 

Retired: Colby College 

George Paton 

Email: gspaton49@yahoo.com 

Formerly at Bowdoin College 


Tim Pedrotty 

Email: pedrotty.tim@gmail.com 

Retired: St. Michael’s College 


Peter Taylor 

Email: ptaylor41@comcast.net 

Retired: Timberlane High School 


Rich Wolbach 

Email: krwolbach@comcast.net 

Formerly at UVM 


John Woodbury 

Email: woodbury@middlebury.edu  

Retired: Middlebury College 


Quality for Emeritus status? Apply below!

  • Applicant Information:

  • Examples of contributions may include but are not limited to: Presentations at meetings Participation on APPA, ERAPPA, or NNECERAPPA committees Authoring books or published reports on the profession Holding office at the chapter, region or international level Writing articles for Facilities Manager Magazine or News Letters Recruitment of new members in the association