Term: Elected to hold office for a period of two years, following election at the biannual spring chapter business meeting.  Directors shall be eligible for re-election for a period not to exceed one additional term.

– Serve as chapter liaison to the membership from your state, by telephone, email, and direct communication
– Assist the chapter leadership with the governance of the chapter through meetings and conference calls
– Maintain and solicit updates for membership
– Receive and review member scholarship applications and make recommendations to the full board for approval
– Offer assistance in contacting schools from our state regarding future chapter meeting hosting opportunities
– Contribute to the continued success of our chapter.
– One State Director, as appointed by the President, shall act as the lead person in matters requiring collaboration-
        a.    Scholarship recommendations to the Board
        b.    Scholarship record keeping and posting
        c.    Other activities as necessary
– Serve as standing members of the Chapter Membership Committee
– Communicate by contributing articles to the chapter’s electronic newsletter

General Requirements for Position
 Participate in the following:
– NNECERAPPA biannual conferences, which occur in the spring and fall of each year
– Chapter Board meetings two times a year (minimum) – one occurs in conjunction with each NNECERAPPA conference, and the third is a Summer Board Meeting
– Monthly NNECERAPPA Board Conference Calls