Scholarship Procesing

A complete application will have two parts.  Part I the applicant fills out, Part II the supervisor fills out.  Both are done on-line.  Once an application is submitted, it is sent electronically to the state directors.  The three state directors discuss among themselves (via e-mail and/or phone) and make a collective recommendation to the board.  This is usually done electronically for documentation purposes.  The board has two options at that point.  Option one is wait until next scheduled board meeting to vote on the application.  Option two is an e-vote.  Option 1 is prefered, as it conforms to our scholarship process.  However, option two is valuable if we have not used all scholarships for specified period, submission time does not correspond to our meeting schedule or we want to maximize the educational benefits to our membership.

If we encounter a problem with an application (incomplete information, no supervisory endorsement (Part II)), we rely on the State Directors to make contact with the applicant to get issues resolved.  Once a scholarship application has been approved by the board, The Secretary/Treasurer drafts and sends the appropriate paperwork to the applicant identifying the steps to take to utilize the scholarship.

The most senior State Director has takes the lead on the scholarship program.  This individual tracks scholarships and submits the collective recommendation to the board.  The President assigns this role to a State Director.  For tracking purposes, the lead State Director should keep a spreadsheet as a record for the chapter.