Scholarship Process

Following is a description of the process used by the NNECERAPPA Board to award scholarships to APPA and ERAPPA educational opportunities.  It should be noted that both NNECERAPPA and ERAPPA offer scholarships to the APPA U offerings.  The instructions below are provided for the NNECERAPPA scholarship process only.  If you have interest in applying for an ERAPPA scholarship, visit their website:

  1. For full consideration, complete applications must be submitted by June 1st for consideration for the Summer/Fall APPA U and October 1st for the Winter/Spring APPA U.
  2. The NNECERAPPA application for scholarships can be found on the Chapter website under the Scholarship Program pull down menu.  Select Scholarship Application Page.
  3. The maximum number of scholarships awarded per year by the Chapter is fifteen.  Twelve based on two per state per each APPA U convening (held twice a year) and one per state per year for other APPA/ERAPPA training events.  APPA U events include the Facilities Management Institute (FMI), Leadership Academy, Supervisor’s Tool Kit, Educational Facilities Professional and Certified Educational Facilities Professional when held in conjunction with the FMI.  When held separately, these other educational programs are considered as other APPA training events.  A scholarship amount of $2,000 has been established by the Board for these scholarships.  The Board retains the right to adjust this scholarship amount as necessary.
  4. The scholarship application must be filled out and submitted in full, including work history and supervisor’s recommendation via the electronic process described on the application form.
  5. The Scholarship Review Committee, made up of the three State Directors, will review all scholarship applications in advance of regularly scheduled Board meetings that are coincident with regular chapter meetings in the spring and fall.  The committee will submit their recommendations to the full board for determination.
  6. The committee will review applications and determine who to recommend to the full board for awarding the scholarships based on the following criteria:
    ·        Has the applicant presented complete application with work history and supervisory recommendation?
    ·        Has the applicant been awarded a scholarship previously?
    ·        Is the applicant directly involved in the facilities field? 
    ·        Has the applicant been in the facilities field for a number of years? 
    ·        Have previous scholarships been awarded to other applicants from the same institution? 
    ·        Does the applicant have potential for further contributions to the profession?
  7. If someone has been awarded a scholarship for an upcoming institute, but is unable to attend, they will forfeit their scholarship.  The committee will then award that scholarship to the next applicant under consideration from that state.  The only exception to forfeiture of the scholarship will be in the case of legitimate extenuating circumstances or by special consideration of the State Directors.
  8. If there is an extenuating circumstance why an applicant is unable to attend the educational program for which they were award a scholarship, they will receive one of the awards for the next session from their state.
  9. Upon determination of awarding a scholarship, the Secretary/Treasurer will write the applicant notifying them of the results and steps to complete the process.