Term: Elected to hold office for a one term period of two years.

– Presides over all meetings of the Chapter and of the Board of Directors
– Ensures that the Board meets a minimum of two times annually, and as required; conducts monthly conference calls, coordinates annual board retreat, as needed
– Sets the agenda for chapter related business
– Selects the members of Standing Committees and appoint the Chairperson.
– Solicits and contributes articles for the chapter’s electronic newsletter (published twice a year)
– Serves as a member of the ERAPPA Chapter Affairs Committee, attending ERAPPA meetings, and participating in monthly conference calls

General Requirements for Position
Conduct/participate in the following:
– NNECERAPPA biannual conferences, which occur in the spring and fall of each year; conduct the annual chapter business meeting at each spring conference
– Chapter Board meetings two times a year (minimum) – one occurs in conjunction with each NNECERAPPA conference, and the third is a Summer Board Retreat
– Monthly NNECERAPPA Board Conference Calls

Additional Requirements for Position
Participate in the following:
– ERAPPA Annual conference – which occurs in the fall of each year.
– ERAPPA Mid-Year Meeting in March at the location of the upcoming ERAPPA Conference
– ERAPPA Committee Conference Calls as necessary