By Leo J. Deon, NNECERAPPA Vice President

5Year Pin10Year Pin15Year Pin20Year Pin

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be awarded your Chapter Recognition Pin at our upcoming Spring Meeting at Phillips Exeter Academy in March. This recognition is available to institutional members and business partners. There is milestone recognition for those supporting the Chapter for five, ten, fifteen and over 20 years. There is also a pin to recognize EMERITUS for their contributions.

So how do you get yours? Just complete the on-line application and submit it to the Chapter. You will need to answer a series of a few simple questions and once completed it will be reviewed by the Chapter Vice President and committee overseeing this process. Those applicants found eligible will receive their recognition pin at the next scheduled Chapter meeting. You must be present at the meeting to receive your pin.

If you think you are eligible and would like to receive yours at Phillips Exeter Academy, apply now!

Summary of details:

WHO CAN APPLY: All institutional members and Business Partners who have been involved in the Chapter for a minimum of 5 years over the past 20+ years including EMERITI.


• go to the chapter web site at

• under the MAIN MENU column on the left side, select AWARDS

• this will bring you directly to the Membership Recognition Pin information and application

• complete and submit the application

Since the program’s inception, the Chapter recognized the following individuals who have already received their pins:

5Year Pin

Five Year Recipients:

Richard Battistoni – St. Michael’s College Rebecca Houle – UMaine-Farmington

Dave Blatchly – University of Vermont John O’Shaughnessy – St Paul School

Julie Brown – Tocci Building Companies Joseph Stone – MSAD #35

Leo Deon – UMaine-Farmington Anthony Tuell – Colby College

James Farrington – St. Michael’s College James Rose – Engelberth Construction

Tracey Hartford – Windover Construction Bizhan Yahyazadeh – Norwich University

10Year Pin

Ten Year Recipients:

Susan Barstow – Kenyon-Barstow Company Patricia Murphy – Colby College

Sal Chiarelli – University of Vermont Steve Peary – University of Maine

Dale DeBlois – Colby College Dana Peterson – Univ. New Hampshire

Mary Ann Gaal – Univ. Sys. of NH (Formerly) Connie Simmons – Phillips Exeter Academy

Dana Gray – University of Southern Maine Timothy Tunstall – Tunstall Associates

Stephen Jesseman – Jesseman Assoc.

15Year Pin

Fifteen Year Recipients:

Marie-Andree Gervais – University of Vermont Kathryn Risotti – Clean-O-Rama

Bill Johnson – Haley & Alrdrich Richard Wolbach – University of Vermont

20Year Pin

+20 Year Recipients:

Anita Bailey – Phillips Exeter Academy Daniel Gearan – University of Southern Maine

Gordon Cheesman – Colby College Douglas Kerr – Dartmouth College

Lloyd Church – University of Vermont Rick McKallagat – McKallagat Furniture

David Cutler – St. Michael’s College Stan Parker – University of Vermont

David Early – University of Southern Maine Tim Pedrotty – Vermont School Board

Emeritus Recipients:

David Barbour –University of Southern Maine Bill Gardner – Bowdoin College

Don Briselden – Phillips Exeter Academy John Gratiot – Dartmouth College

So don’t wait, log on to the Chapter website, complete and submit the form in order to receive your pin. There is still time to get your request in before the spring meeting. I look forward to seeing you at Phillips Exeter Academy in March and being presented your pin!