By: David Cutler, NNECERAPPA Past President – Saint Michael’s College

The acronym stands for the North New England Chapter of the Eastern Region of APPA. APPA remains as the branded acronym for what is now know as the Leadership in Educational Facilities. APPA is an international organization divided into regions. The Eastern Region expands two countries roughly in a triangle from Ontario to Newfoundland south to Maryland. Your chapter NNECERAPPA is geographically in the center of the region and consists of three states Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.
APPA, the regions and chapters exist for one reason and that is the enhancement of the facility professional in educational settings. APPA has strong committed leadership but most of the educational opportunities are promoted through your peer’s volunteerism. Members like you are why APPA is known around the globe for being in the forefront of enhancing our profession. You should be proud to know that our "little" Chapter is considered the "pace setter" in APPA because of the professionalism of our membership.

 "Physical Plant" used to be a "keep it going" branch for most institutions.
Society’s educational expectations have grown dramatically beyond the focus of the classroom. Research, athletics, life learning, sustainability, etc have dramatically increased the facility needs of an institution. At many institutions we as Facility Professionals often manage larger physical investment than the cash endowment.

As the "baby boomers" fade into retirement countless years of learned experience will leave with them. The Chapter can enhance you and your profession. Get involved whether you are nearing retirement and can pass on your wisdom or you are just starting and want to jump start your career. The Board, Chapter meeting hosts, committee members and Business Partners are just like you with one exception — they took the important step of getting involved. You don’t have the time not to get involved! Where else can you get training and interact with some of the leading Facility people in the country? The Chapter is well organized and financially stable enabling some subsidy of certain volunteer expenses relieving some of the reliance on your institutional resources. The Chapter has a conference planner service available, educational session options and Business Partner connections which only requires you to say "I do want to host a Chapter meeting". You pick your campus space and the training that best fits your staff needs. The cost and clerical/administrative details are supported by your Chapter – you are not alone on this venture.

I personally have volunteered for many organizations (but not in the U. S. Army). All have been rewarding and beneficial to my personal beliefs of enhancing our society, especially the younger generations. NNECERAPPA has been the only volunteer organization that I feel I personally got more than I have given. I have been honored to associate with so many peers. I have attended countless Facility Professional enhancement opportunities (often at minimum cost) with Chapter support that has allowed me to advance to Director at my institution. I have made life long friends that I will always cherish. Professional enhancement never ends. Please volunteer, enhance your knowledge and make life long friends. Your Chapter needs you as much as you need it!