a01_6-nnecerappa_6_pins.jpgBy Anita Bailey, NNECERAPPA  VP

Our NNECERAPPA Chapter recently introduced a new initiative as a way of recognizing our members- Membership Recognition Pins.  Institutional members as well as Subscribing Business Partner members who have been involved with our chapter for five or more years qualify to receive a Member Recognition pin representing the number of years they have been involved- from 5, 10, 15, and 20+.  In addition, an Emeritus pin recognizes those who have been awarded Emeritus status.

First introduced last fall, the chapter had an initial flood of applicants who applied through our on-line process.  Most of the first round of pins was awarded at the spring 2010 chapter meeting at the University of Vermont.  The following are the pin recipients by category:
Five Years:

  • Richard Battistoni, St. Michael’s College- VT
  • Leo Deon, University of Maine, Farmington
  • Joseph Stone, MSAD #35- ME
  • Dave Blatchly, University of Vermont
  • James Farrington, Saint Michael’s College- VT
  • Anthony Tuell, Colby College- ME
  • Tracey Beauregard, Berry (a Division of Suffolk)
  • Julie Brown, Sasaki Associates

Ten Years:

  • Dale DeBlois, Colby College, ME
  • Dana Gray, University of Southern Maine
  • Dana Peterson, University of New Hampshire
  • Connie Simmons, Phillips Exeter Academy, NH
  • Sal Chiarelli, University of Vermont
  • Mary Ann Gaal, (formerly of University of New Hampshire)

Fifteen Years:

  • Richard Wolbach, University of Vermont
  • Marie-Andree Gervais, University of Vermont
  • Bill Johnson, Haley & Aldrich

Twenty+ Years:

  • Anita Bailey, Phillips Exeter Academy- NH
  • Gordon Cheesman, Colby College- ME
  • David Cutler, St. Michael’s College- VT
  • David Early, University of Southern Maine
  • Daniel Gearan, University of Southern Maine
  • Timothy Pedrotty, Vermont School Board Insurance Trust
  • Lloyd (Joe) Church, University of Vermont
  • Stan Parker, University of Vermont


  • David Barbour, University of Southern Maine (retired)
  • Don Briselden, Phillips Exeter Academy- NH (retired)
  • John Gratiot, Dartmouth College, NH (retired)

Others who had applied but were not in attendance at the fall chapter meeting will receive their pins at a future meeting that they attend.
So how many years have you been involved in NNECERAPPA?  An on-line application for a chapter Membership Recognition Pin is available- it’s that easy.  Through the application process, your past and/or current involvement is tracked by answering a series of questions.  In addition to providing your current contact information, you will be asked to identify what chapter meetings you have attended from a list of meetings dating all the way back to our first chapter meeting, held in the Fall of 1978 at Plymouth State.  Opportunities to list other areas of involvement are there as well.  Once you are complete and hit <SUBMIT>, your application will quickly find its way to our committee (the Chapter Vice President, Past President, a Business Partner, and one other institutional representative make up the committee), where it will be reviewed.  Those eligible applicants will receive their Membership Recognition Pins at a future chapter meeting.   So don’t delay- apply today!

WHO CAN APPLY:  all institutional members and Business Partners who have been involved in the chapter for a minimum of 5 years over the past 30+ years.

  • go to the chapter web site at    www.erappa.org/nne
  • under the  MAIN  MENU  column on the left side, select  AWARDS
  • this will bring you directly to the Membership Recognition Pin information and application

WHAT NEXT: receive your pin and wear it with pride!