ERAPPA Portland 2009 Host Committee Meeting Minutes June 15, 2007    


Portland 2009

Host Committee Meeting Minutes

June 15, 2007


Attendees: Anita Bailey(AB), Dave Cutler(DC), Dan Gearan(DG), Dale DeBlois(DD), Gordon Cheeseman(GC), Leon Dion(LD), Richard Wolbach(RW), David Early(DE), Don Briesldon(DB), David Barbour(DB)


Guest: USM Department of Conferences – Elizabeth Morin & Sherry Powers

            Portland Convention and Visitor Center – Gillian Goforth

            Delaney Meeting & Event Management – Janice Valgoi


  • Previous minutes – None available although a May 4, 2007 meeting was held in Portland and chairs and committees assignments were made. The meeting dates were set and a theme of “Imagination” was supported.


  • USM Department of Conferences presented a proposal to the committee;
    • On line registration is available with lots of bells and whistles
    • Billing through USM will avoid food tax issues
    • Base proposal was for $9,750 with three staff members at registration plus $12/registrant
    • Committee agreed USM was qualified to provide service


  • Portland Convention and Visitor Center
    • Offered support help
    • Presented several options of possible sites for Monday night event with the CAT and tent at Southern Maine Community College and museum
    • Other option to be explored were a warehouse conversion and other tent sites
    • Consensus of the group was that the theme needed to be maritime based


  • Logo was discussed
    • Possibility of using Convention and Visitor Center logo
    • Gillian Goforth will check copy right issues
    • Simple theme with lighthouse and waves also discussed.
    • Meeting management group will be come involved
    • AB will provide a paragraph for the management group to convey the committee’s focus for the logo


  • Theme was re-visited
    • General discussion was that we are done that “Imagination” is it. We can added other ideas for different issues but the meeting theme is Imagination.


  • Delaney Meeting and Event Management
    • One person on registration desk in base price
    • Base price $13,100 plus $3.50/registrant
    • Delaney was also believed qualified


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  • Award of meeting group services
    • Holes in Holiday Inn at the Bay contract discussed and the opportunity to use the food and mid-year meeting to help change the holes in the contract.
    • The committee spent time and believe either meeting service could meet our needs but given the Knowledge USM brought about the area and their better pricing power with the Hotel the committee chose USM Department of Conferences as our meeting service provider


  • Dan reviewed host committee assignments and may add some members
    • Don Briselden will be added to the Educational Committee
    • Dale Dubois and Bob Bailey will be added to the golf committee


  • The Business Partner booths need to be 10’ X 8’ for a maximum of 72 less food service space
    • Cost of booth in Burlington was $1,500 and sponsorship were assigned depending on booth location


  • Next major step is to provide a meeting budget


  • Adjournment occurred at 3:15 pm.