By Dale DeBlois, Host Committee Co Chair,Ex Officio, ERAPPA VP for Chapter Affairs


With the arrival of 2012, we, here at Colby College, are ramping up activities in preparation of the fall 2012 chapter meeting of NNECERAPPA, to be held October 15 and 16th.

We are very excited to show everyone our new state of the art biomass plant that is now on line, the ongoing construction of our new art museum edition as well as other intriguing activities ongoing here at Colby College.

As in the past meetings held here at Colby, we are energized with the continuing conversations with our institutional members, business partners, as well as our numerous emeritus members. It is always good to maintain those ties with our peers as well as develop new ties with the new faces that will help shape our chapter in the coming years.

This meeting will focus on the multiple talents that we all bring to the table daily to succeed in the ever evolving world of facilities management.

More information will be available in the near future.

Look forward to seeing everyone in the fall at beautiful Colby College.