By Leo J. Deon, NNECERAPPA Vice President


Have you ever wondered what the little green pins many of the attendees wear at our Chapter meetings are?  Have you often said to yourself, “I wonder how I can get one?”

These pins are the Chapter’s recent initiative to recognize our most valuable asset, you the member.  Whether an institutional member or a business partner, you may be eligible for a pin based on the number of years you been involved in NNECERAPPA.  The pin categories are Member, 5 Years, 10 Years, 15 Years and over 20 Years.  There is also one specifically for EMERITUS.  So, if you are retired from Facilities and through your many years of Chapter involvement have received EMERITUS status, there is also a pin for you. 


Your repeated attendance at chapter meetings qualifies you to receive a recognition pin.  Or, you may have contributed on a host committee team, served on the Chapter Board or a Chapter Committee.  The Recognition Pin is our way of thanking you for your years of participation and support, past and present. 

The application process is painless.  An on-line application is required to be completed and that is it.  Through the application process, your previous and current involvement is tracked by answering a series of questions.  In addition to providing your current contact information, you will be asked to identify what chapter meetings you have attended from a list of meetings dating all the way back to our first chapter meeting, held in the Fall of 1978 at Plymouth State.  Opportunities to list other areas of involvement are there as well.  Once you are complete and hit <SUBMIT>, your application will quickly find its way to our committee.  The Chapter Vice President oversees this process.  Your request will be reviewed by the awards committee comprising the Chapter Vice President, Past President, a Business Partner, and one other institutional representative.  Those eligible applicants will be presented their Membership Recognition Pin at the next Chapter meeting.  Pin applications should be electronically submitted no later than forty-five days before the next scheduled Chapter meeting.

Summary of details:
WHO CAN APPLY:  All institutional members and Business Partners who have been involved in the chapter for a minimum of 5 years over the past 30+ years.


  • go to the chapter web site at
  • under the  MAIN  MENU  column on the left side, select  AWARDS
  • this will bring you directly to the Membership Recognition Pin information and application
  • complete and submit the application

You will be presented your pin at the next scheduled Chapter meeting and then wear it with pride.