Term: Holds office for a one term period of two years, following serving in the position of Chapter President.

– Serves as an Ex-Officio, voting member of the Board
– Elections are held every other year at the Spring Business Meeting.  Conducts any and all elections and shall notify ERAPPA immediately following
– At the time of elections, when nominations are closed, the vote shall be taken. The Past President shall record the vote which shall be cast by the spokesperson for each institution. The nominee with the majority of votes cast for each office shall be considered to be elected, and will be announced by the Past President.
– Contributes articles for the chapter’s electronic newsletter (published twice a year)

General Requirements for Position
Participate in the following:
– NNECERAPPA biannual conferences, which occur in the spring and fall of each year
– Chapter Board meetings two times a year (minimum) – one occurs in conjunction with each NNECERAPPA conference, and the third is a Summer Board Retreat
– Monthly NNECERAPPA Board Conference Calls