Through the leadership of Dave Barbour, the NNECERAPPA emeritus and retiree members along with a few active working Chapter members in Maine and New Hampshire have been gathering one to two times per year for lunch at varying locations the past several years as a way to keep in touch.   They call themselves the Facilities Folks.  This past May 7th a number of them gathered for lunch and the opportunity to visit with each other at Slates Restaurant in Hallowell.  Dale Deblois joined the group for the lunch and provided an update on Chapter activities and Board actions.  The group agreed that it should get together for lunch in the fall perhaps in September or October at a location to be determined.  If anyone (active or retired) is interested in being included on the lunch invitation list that Dave maintains, send him a note at

Anita Higgins, past Chapter Board Director for Maine lost her husband George in late July. 

Dave receives inquiries from active members from time to time about what emeritus and retirees are doing now that they are retired.  He requests that if emeritus/retiree members are willing and interested that they forward a brief update of perhaps where they are living, what they are doing, grand children, travel,  etc. to him to share with the rest of the membership. 

Dave and his wife Barb are still living in Brunswick, Maine and spend six weeks during the winter in Punta Gorda, Florida.  He indicates that they are enjoying their retirement spending time with his three grand children, traveling (cruises to South America around Cape Horn and Alaska, and visiting the Canary Islands so far), playing much more golf, enjoying sailing on his sail boat along the coast of Maine, and enjoying their freedom to do the things they deferred during their working years. 

Dave also requests that he be notified of members that have or are planning on retiring so he can keep the retiree list up to date.  He would appreciate it if you would also forward contact information particularly their e-mail address if you have it so he can contact them.