By Dave Barbour
NNECERAPPA Retired/Emeritus Chair

Greetings. Hasn’t it been a terrific summer weather wise so far? I hope you have all been able to enjoy it. It certainly is going by much too quickly. Barb and I continue to enjoy sailing, walking, biking (Barb purchased a new bike to replace the one destroyed a couple of years ago when it came off the top of our car), golfing and visiting our grand children.

On July 28th and 29th I attended the NNECEAPPA’s board retreat at Phillips Exeter. I thought you might be interested in some of the items discussed at the meeting. The following items were on the agenda:

Review of chapter initiatives including Chapter By-law Changes, Chapter Tag Line, Chapter Logo, and Chapter polo shirts

Delany services to Chapter (They provide conference/meeting organization services)

Review of past chapter meeting details: Norwich University

Chapter History

Board Committee Reports

Bates Fall Meeting Update (October 20 – 21)

Phillips Exeter Spring Chapter Meeting (March 8 – 9)

Fall Newsletter

I am not going to go over what was covered under each item but will forward a copy of the meeting minutes when I receive them which will give you the details for each item discussed. However, there are a few items I do want to pass on to you before the minutes are available.

Under committee reports was an item to discuss the recognition of long time individual business partners that have regularly attended and supported the chapter. The Board has decided that it would be appropriate to recognize such individuals. No specific criteria were set at the meeting and recognition will be on a case by case basis. Recognition is to consist of a special certificate of appreciation with a membership pin attached. Emiritus status was discussed, but felt to be inappropriate. I think we all agree that Tom Binette should be the first long time individual business partner to be recognized at the fall meeting at Bates. The Board and I would appreciate your input on other individual business partners that you feel deserve recognition. I assume that they can be individuals that are still working. Tom’s record of participation should set the standard for others to be recognized.

Don Briselden and I discussed the location for the next Facility Folks lunch. All previous lunches have been in Maine, so we are recommending that we have the next lunch in Portsmouth or Ogunquit. Don has provided me with the following suggestions:


Surf. Good food and value with an excellent view. New restaurant that has great buzz. Here is the link.


Barnacle Billy’s and Jackietoo. Both seaside with good views. Not sure if Billy’s is open post summer. Jackietoo is open year around.

 The food at both is typical for the location. OK. The location wins out.

Let me know if you have a preference. At this point I am leaning toward the Surf.

I would appreciate it if would let me know if you are aware of any recent retirees that should be added to my list.

Here is the list of upcoming meetings:

Fall 2011 – Bates College, Lewiston, ME. October 19 & 20, 2011

Spring 2012 – Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, NH, March 8 & 9, 2012

Fall 2012 – Colby College, Waterville ME,

The full list is on the chapter website.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.