Responsibilities of the NNECERAPPA Board

The NNECERAPPA constitution and bylaws indicate the roles expected of the various members who serve on the Board. This section defines the expectations of those roles.


The President is elected to one two year term.
Perform all duties as described in the NNECERAPPA constitution and bylaws.
The President is the executive officer of the Chapter and the President of the Board of Directors.
He/She shall preside over all meetings of the Chapter and of the Board of Directors.
He/She shall be responsible for the general supervision and direction of the affairs of the Chapter.
 If an event occurs between Board meetings that is not covered by the Constitution or the Bylaws, the President shall have authority to act. He/She shall keep the Regional and International Association officers informed of Chapter activities.
Officially invite APPA Officers & ERAPPA to attend the NNECERAPPA Meetings.
Assign members to each NNECERAPPA Committee.
Contribute all appropriate articles to the NNECERAPPA Newsletter.
The President or his/her designee shall represent the Chapter at conferences, meetings and ceremonies.
The President shall, with Board approval, provide a budget to the Secretary/Treasurer prior to obligation of any funds required by committees.
He/She shall, in the event of a vacancy among the officers appoint a replacement.
Vice President

The Vice President is elected to one two year term.
The Vice-President assists the President in his/her duties.
He/She assumes the duties of the President when the President is absent for any reason, or if the post becomes vacant.
Act as ex-officio to all Standing NNECERAPPA committees.
Contribute all appropriate articles to the NNECERAPPA Newsletter.
Perform duties as assigned by the president or the Board of Directors
Arrange a gift of appreciation to the outgoing NNECERAPPA president.
Maintain and propose changes to the constitution and bylaws
Submit proposed revisions of the NNECERAPPA Bylaws, as recommended by the Board of Directors.
Explain proposed changes to the membership at the annual meeting.
Revise the Bylaws of ERAPPA as approved by the membership.

State Directors

State Directors are elected for a two year term. He/She may serve two consecutive terms in this office.

Key duties are as follows:

Coordinate as necessary the Board visits to the States.
Sets up a matrix each year of Chapter Meetings and ensures that each state is visited regularly.
Serves on the Scholarship Committee
Write articles for the NNECERAPPA Newsletter as required.
Plan for and facilitates interim meetings.
Serve as a member of the NNECERAPPA Awards and Scholarships Committees. 
Coordinate with other NNECERAPPA Board Members as necessary.


The Secretary/Treasurer is elected to one two year term.

Secretary Duties

Take minutes of Board meetings, and Annual Business meeting. Compile minutes into finished form and distribute to the Board.
Present a summary of the minutes of the previous annual meeting at the current annual meeting.
Serve as historian by maintaining a yearly permanent record of all minutes, meeting locations, reports, correspondence, award recipients and related information.
Notify with letter members awarded Emeritus status and Scholarships.
Update the NNECERAPPA Emeritus Member List and forward the names of new members with this designation to the NNECERAPPA Newsletter editor.
Prepare NNECERAPPA Certificates of Appreciation and/or Awards for presentation at the annual business meeting. 
Maintain an adequate stock of NNECERAPPA stationery and certificates.
Send out notices to the membership for elections and bylaw changes.

Treasurer Duties

Receive and account for all funds owed NNECERAPPA.
Invoice for and receive all dues.
Deposit collected funds to either the checking account or short term money fund.
Disburse funds for expenditures as authorized by the President or Board of Directors.
Shall be authorized to disburse funds for normal operating expenses.
Render a statement of income and expenditures and other reports as may be deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.
Prepare and submit and annual tax documents or applications
Arrange for the reconciliation of receipts and expenditures by the auditing committee.
Provide assistance to the annual meeting host committee chapter on all fiscal matters.

Past President or Ex-Officio

Conduct elections at the NNECERAPPA Annual Meeting.
Report to ERAPPA the results of ekections.
Serve on NNECERAPPA committees at the request of the NNECERAPPA president.
Update the Board Orientation Handbook.
Recommend appointments to the NNECERAPPA President as and when required.
Maintain a list of NNECERAPPA individuals able and willing to serve on NNECERAPPA & ERAPPA committees.